Gladon Swimming Pool Wall Cove Foam

$ 96.16 - $ 276.08

All above ground pools need a coving! Read any pool manufacturer's installation instructions and you will learn the cove is a vital structural element of your pool. Improper coving can washout and cause excessive stretching and premature wearing of the liner. But liner failures due to cove washout can be eliminated with Gladon Original Cove. Save yourself hours of backbreaking work, get professional results and add years to the life of your new liner with Gladon pool coving. Gladon Original Cove has helped families enjoy better finished pools for over 30 years. The Original Cove, a 3" by 4 inch preformed cove, is made from chemically neutral ethafoam which is safe for use with all pool liners. Lightweight and very easy to use. The Original Cove comes in 48 inch long sections. It is easy to install in all makes of pools. Unlike sand or dirt, Gladon Original Cove cannot be washed out and will not hold moisture against metal components. Original Cove reduces corrosion. Unlike cheaper coving, Original Cove pool wall coving is made from a high density foam (2.3 lbs/ft3) that will not change shape or indent, making pool cleaning easier.


  • Flexible & lightweight
  • Installs in minutes in all makes of pools
  • Eliminates liner failures due to cove washout
  • Easy to clean
  • Cannot be washed out
  • Extends pool life
  • Helps prevent corroison
  • Best quality/highest density foam
  • Over 30 years of proven performance